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Best Cheap Hand Dryers

Cheap hand dryers are perfect for smaller washrooms or low key projects. They are perfect alternatives to expensive drying solutions such as paper towels, which require continuous, costly refills and are very time consuming to upkeep. Cheap hand dryers can easily pay for themselves, with their affordable outlay and low monthly running costs, making them the perfect solution for those looking for cheap hand drying methods.

How much is a hand dryer?

There are too many variables to give a blanket answer, however we can give a guide for what’s considered as a cheap hand dryer. Everyone’s gauge of what’s affordable and what’s expensive is different when it comes to hand dryer price. However, for simplicity, at Washroom Hub we categorise cheap hand dryers as any hand dryer that is available for under £100. The hand dryers within this category tend to be best suited for lower traffic areas such as one or two small washrooms, rather than larger scale projects. However, these are all quality hand drying solutions designed to last, so depending on circumstance and washroom area, these hand dryers may be suitable for larger scale projects.

Automatic hand dryer prices

The best cheap hand dryers Washroom Hub offers are the BlueDry Junior hand dryer and the Airsenz i-Force Jet hand dryer.

The BlueDry Junior hand dryer is the cheaper of the two, at just £44.99. This automatic hand dryer price is incredibly low, considering hand dryers go from anywhere between £40 and over £1000. At £44.95, the BlueDry Junior hand dryer brings with it a two year guarantee and a low decibel rating of 60dB. However, this hand dryer’s low price is reflected in the longer drying time of 35-40 seconds, higher energy consumption than some of the other modern hand dryers on the market and its brushed motor. Even with this in mind, the BlueDry Junior warm air hand dryer is still more affordable to run than the alternative of continually upkeeping paper towels within bathrooms.
BlueDry Junior Hand Dryer

The Airsenz i-Force Jet hand dryer is more expensive at £104.99, however the Washroom Hub Team sees this as the best value hand dryer within the cheap hand dryer price bracket and even is one of the most highly recommended units for medium traffic areas! The Airsenz i-Force has it all, a stainless steel design to deter vandalism, a fast drying time and the option of both cold high speed air and warm air drying settings. The high speed cool air function offers low energy consumption, meaning this is a very cost efficient hand dryer. The fast drying time will ensure improved hygiene as users are more likely to use the hand dryer for the total time required to dry hands, resulting in completely dry hands. The dual setting of hot and cold air also makes for a more comfortable drying experience. In colder environments, the warm air function can be switched on, alternatively if the ambient room temperature is hot, the cool air setting can be used.
Airsenz i-Force Jet Hand Dryer

Cheap hand dryer verdict

These hand dryers are both great options and are available at incredibly affordable prices. Washroom Hub recommends opting for the BlueDry Junior hand dryer if you are economizing and are looking for a cheap hand dryer for a small staff bathroom. However, if you are able to spend a little more, the Airsenz i-Force Jet is the perfect option! This budget hand dryer is very cost effective and efficient, making it perfect for a wide range of projects.

However, these aren’t the only cheap hand dryers available. Washroom Hub has an entire section dedicated to cheap hand dryers for you to find a style that fits into your budget and needs.

If you are looking for more tips and guides in choosing hand dryers, visit the Washroom Hub blog for ideas and help!