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Hand Dryers, Covid and Your Washroom

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of hand hygiene and its impact became more apparent than ever. Unconsciously, we touch hundreds of objects on a daily basis without a second thought, from the home to public shared areas. Throughout the pandemic it has also became clear how often we habitually touch our faces, especially when we are told not to! With so much contact with places and people, it is quite clear how easy it is to pick up and spread bacteria and viruses through hand contact. Of course, many viruses are also airborne and can be passed on through minimal contact, due to coughing and sneezing, which again is easily transferred to hands when they are used to cover faces or handle tissues. Whether it is the Coronavirus or a common cold, the connection between hand hygiene and contracting an illness is clear. To improve hand hygiene, using a thorough hand washing technique is key. This then needs to be followed by drying hands in an equally precise way. While it is the washing of hands that remove viruses and bacteria from skin, it is the drying of hands which help to reduce the spread. Damp hands spread bacteria and viruses more easily than dry hands do, which is why effective hand drying methods are imperative when it comes to hand hygiene. Hands can be dried effectively using both paper towels and hand dryers (HSE, 2021).

Are Hand Dryers Hygienic?

Even though washing and drying hands thoroughly is key to improving hand hygiene, there are also hand dryers available that offer enhanced hygiene capabilities. These come in the form of hand dryers with HEPA filters and antibacterial properties that capture and inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria. The antibacterial properties featured on a range of Washroom Hub hand dryers include anti-microbial coatings and UV lights to kill the viruses and bacteria that attach themselves to the hand dryer. UV lights works by breaking down the DNA of bacteria and microbes, sterilizing the hand dryer and becoming particularly useful by reaching locations that are difficult to access and sanitise by alternative methods. By destroying lingering viruses or bacteria that are transferred from hands to the hand dryer, this ensures germs aren’t subsequently blown onto another users hands and do not become airborne. Anti-microbial coatings inhibit the growth of virus and bacteria, additionally preventing a potential breeding ground from developing. The HEPA filters included in hand dryers also create a more hygienic environment, capturing 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria that are sucked into the hand dryer, further minimizing transmission. These features of hygienic hand dryers go above and beyond any hand drying requirements, making them ideal options for maximizing a safe and hygienic washroom space. At Washroom Hub, there are multiple hand dryers available that offer anti-microbial coatings, UV lights and HEPA filters, so you can make a safe and hygienic choice that best suits your needs and washroom environment.

Biodrier Executive

HEPA Filter Hand Dryers

When it comes to hand dryers, COVID-19 and your washroom, Washroom Hub has identified the most hygienic hand dryer options available for a wide range of settings. The Biodrier range offers hand dryers that offer anti-microbial coatings, UV light and HEPA filters, as well as hand dryers that feature just HEPA filters. The Biodrier Executive is one of the most hygienic hand dryers available from Washroom Hub and is able to destroy viruses and bacteria through it’s anti-microbial coating and UV light, as well as capture airborne bacteria through a built in HEPA filter. Hand dryers that are a hands-in style such as the Biodrier Executive also captures water propelled from the hands which provides an even more hygienic device as there are no puddles of water to cause a hazard or build up damp within the room. This hand dryer is additionally very efficient, drying hands effectively in under 10 seconds, and resulting in completely dry hands to further reduce any spread of bacteria or viruses. However this hand dryer is one of the larger hand dryers available on the market and may not physically fit in all washroom environments. To overcome this barrier and provide a very safe hand dryer for every washroom, Washroom Hub also has a hands under hand dryer which features a HEPA filter. This much more compact hand dryer is designed to fit in all washroom spaces, and is also available at a lower price, making it a more affordable and accessible option. The Biodrier 3D Smart Dry hand dryer is also designed as a high speed jet hand dryer, meaning it dries hands thoroughly so bacteria or viruses aren’t passed on through damp hands.

Biodrier 3D Smart Dry

While these are some the most hygienic and COVID-safe hand dryer options available, there are other suitable hand dryers available that dry hands quickly and efficiently, making them a suitable option to include within the washroom. To see the entire range of Washroom Hub hand dryers, click here. For more ideas and information about which hand dryer you should choose for your business or washroom, visit our blog.