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How to Choose Hand Dryers for Schools

If you are looking to install school hand dryers we have some tips to help you establish which models and styles are best for your institution. When it comes to choosing hand dryers for schools, there are lots of variables that can influence which hand dryer you select. Washroom Hub has worked to find the best hand dryers for schools and each unique washroom environment.

To help you decide which hand dryer is best suited to the school environment you are working with, we have come up with suggestions to help you select the best hand dryers for schools. These recommendations are based on where the hand dryer will be located, the age of the students using the hand dryers and the improvement of hygiene.

Where in the school will the hand dryer be used?

Many school washroom environments are evolving, with a move towards unisex toilets and communal hand washing areas. With such a shift, this has resulted in higher traffic washroom environments which are often in more public spaces. To accommodate for this change, the type of hand dryer required may be different than in confined, private traditional washrooms. A greater volume of smaller hand dryers may be required so there is a sufficient amount for the elevated footfall. We recommend opting for a style such as the BlueDry Mini Jet which is compact and fast, drying hands in under 10 seconds. Alternatively if there is heavy traffic through this area then a “hands-in” style hand dryer could be a better option for ensuring pools of water don’t form on the floor. For this type of environment the Biodrier Executive Blade or the Biodrier Business 2 hand dryer are ideal options for ensuring excess water is captured and disposed of. The Executive hand dryer is the more hygienic choice of the two, with a HEPA filter incorporated into the design to remove harmful airborne particles. Depending on the layout of toilet blocks and washrooms, the type of children’s hand dryers chosen may need to change with the evolving designs of school buildings. Another element to bear in mind when it comes to placement of hand dryers is the noise they generate. You may wish to choose quieter hand dryers if they are located in spaces such as libraries to minimize disruption. Quiet hand dryers for schools include styles such as the BlueDry Junior hand dryer, which emits just 60dB of sound. However the payoff for this unobtrusive hand dryer is it’s slower drying time and higher energy consumption. Alternatively, if you’re looking for efficient hand dryers, Washroom Hub offers electric hand dryers for schools that can have their airspeed altered. These style of hand dryers can be placed in washrooms near areas such as examination halls as they can be set to a quieter mode when exams are on, whilst remaining a highly efficient choice for the remainder of the time. A style such as the BlueDry Blade Runner Hand Dryer provides the option of reducing airspeed to result in lower noise levels.

Biodrier Business 2 hand dryer

What is the age of students using the hand dryers?

Age is an important consideration when it comes to selecting electric hand dryers for schools. Smaller children may not have much previous contact with hand dryers, so a less clinical approach could be taken when choosing hand dryers for these environments to encourage use. For example, models such as the Biodrier Biobot is a great option, with two stylized back boards available to accommodate for both preschool and early primary school years. The first backboard design is created for younger children, and the second is designed to mount the hand dryer higher up, making it a great option for older children. This style of hand dryer features a fun design, created to make hand dryers more engaging and inviting. However, if you are looking to purchase hand dryers for older students, Washroom Hub recommends robust and reliable hand dryers to discourage vandalism and accidental damage. A great option in this instance is the Airsenz i-Force which offers a hard wearing stainless steel finish and a is high speed jet hand dryer.

Biodrier Biobot School hand dryer

Improving hygiene in schools

Quality hand dryers are great tools in improving hygiene. Fast, efficient hand dryers are more likely to result in completely dry hands as there is a higher chance the user will complete the drying procedure if it lasts ten seconds, rather than an increased period of 30 seconds. Completely dry hands result in less bacteria and means students are less likely to spread viruses. A great electric hand dryer for schools to meet this criteria is the Biodrier Biolite hand dryer, which dries hands in under 10 seconds. Hand dryers that include extra features such as HEPA filters are an even more hygienic option, as these style of hand dryers capture 99.99% of unwanted airborne particles, ensuring harmful bacteria isn’t blown around. A great choice of hand dryer which includes a HEPA filter is the Biodrier 3D Smart Dry hand dryer. This is a hands under dryer which is designed to fit within most washroom environments and is an affordable options for schools. Increased hygiene reduces absenteeism, making these some of the best hand dryers for schools.

Biodrier 3D Smart Dry hand dryer

These are all key points to bear in mind when selecting school hand dryers, however these aren’t the only hand dryers that are suitable to be placed in an educational institution. Washroom Hub has collated an entire category dedicated to school hand dryers to provide you with plenty of choice. Alternatively, visit our blog for more advice and information. However, if you require more assistance in selecting your hand dryer call on 0800 023 4937 to chat with the Washroom Hub Team.


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