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How to Create a COVID-secure Workplace

As vaccines are rolled out and employees slowly integrate back into busier office environments, adjustments will need to be made for the new normal. At Washroom Hub, we have the tools available to supply you with all the equipment you need for creating a COVID-secure workplace. With a wide range of sanitisers and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers, automatic taps, paper towel dispensers and hand dryers, soap and soap dispensers and air and surface sterilisers available, Washroom Hub is able to facilitate a COVID-safe working space. If each piece of equipment is used correctly, risk of transmission within the workplace is reduced.

Create a COVID-secure workplace with Washroom Hub.

To help you establish which products are best suited to your office, each recommended hygiene sanitisation device has been outlined below, with key elements featured to help you make the best decision for your individual workplace:

Hand Sanitiser Dispensers and Soap Dispensers

According to the Health and Safety Executive website, the application of soap and sanitiser provides invaluable help in reducing the spread of germs and bacteria within the office (HSE, 2020). Washroom Hub supplies different styles of automatic hand sanitiser dispensers and soap dispensers to ensure maximum safety and to secure the workplace against the spread of viruses. As per government guidance on making offices COVID-secure, hand sanitiser should be provided in multiple locations within offices in addition to areas such as washrooms (GOV.UK, 2021). To ensure you meet these guidelines, there are a number of sanitiser dispensing options listed below to ensure you install enough sanitisation stations to keep your workplace safe and minimise the transmissions of viruses.

Wall mounted hand sanitiser dispensers and soap dispensers are perfect for areas such as bathrooms or kitchens, so an extra layer of protection for offices can be added to high traffic areas. Floor standing automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are ideal for entrance ways, and can be situated conveniently for those leaving and entering the office to use en route. If you’re looking for an affordable, easy to use dispenser option for sanitiser, the Automatic Soap/Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is available in both the spray pump form and the standard pump style and can be wall mounted and attached to a floor stand

In regard to hand sanitiser, the spray style dispenser is the perfect choice if you wish to use alcohol based sanitisers. The spray dispenser is a great option for ensuring sanitiser is not used excessively, and it is ideal for those whose preference is to have alcohol in hand sanitiser. Whereas, the standard pump style are designed to alternatively deposit a small amount of gel sanitiser or soap onto the palm. This multipurpose device provides opportunity for repurposing if the original use is no longer required. For example, if the dispenser was originally used for sanitiser and the need behind it’s purchasing becomes obsolete, then the dispenser can be reused within washrooms or a kitchenette as a soap dispenser.

An alternative option to both liquid and gel is foam sanitiser. Foam sanitiser is a great option for high traffic areas as a smaller volume is required in each application, resulting in a cost effective approach long term. The dispenser we recommend is the Multi-Purpose Automatic Soap/Hand Sanitiser Dispenser which can be used to dispense foam, liquid and gel sanitiser as well as soap. The flexibility of this device means you can swap between styles of sanitiser or use it to dispense soap as needed.

If you are looking to choose between foam and alcohol sanitisers, while they provide the same levels of effectiveness, they both have their own positives and drawbacks. As a result, much of the choice comes down to personal preference and the environment you are using them within. Alcohol based sanitisers are well known, timelessly proven products, however they are flammable and harmful if ingested. Both of these are elements to bear in mind depending on your working environment. For example, environments such as schools or prisons wouldn’t be recommended to use alcohol hand sanitiser, as there is an increased chance of the product’s consumption. Alcohol sanitisers can also cause skin irritation if used frequently, so if you work with colleagues who have sensitive skin or skin conditions, it might be worth looking into alternative options. Foam sanitisers on the other hand are non-flammable, less damaging if ingested and are gentler on the skin, however foam sanitisers aren’t available in portable forms, which is why alcohol sanitiser often takes precedence. Foam sanitisers require a specific dispensing mechanism. Washroom Hub also offers portable, alcohol and foam dispensers available for desks, to provides you with maximum flexibility in choosing which sanitiser option is best for the office.

Find hand sanitiser, soap and dispensers here to create a COVI free workplace..

Touch-free Automatic Taps

If you are evaluating your COVID-19 workplace risk, one of the areas you need to consider is whether you have enough handwashing facilities to provide the opportunity for those in the office to frequently wash their hands (HSE, 2020). Automatic taps are simple and effective options for reducing contact, and, as a result, germ, virus and bacteria transmissions are reduced in bathrooms. Fixed temperature automatic taps such as the Severn Automatic Sensor Tap for taps fitted into sinks, or the Tyne Automatic Sensor Tap for a wall mounted fittings are great choices, as the fixed temperature means there is no need to physically make contact with the tap. Additionally, depending on your business, fixed temperature taps are often the best option, as you can set a safe temperature and ensure you are providing a duty of care. This is particularly relevant in organisations such as care homes, where a set temperature is required so vulnerable residents do not accidently harm themselves.

Click here to view all of Washroom Hub's automatic sensor taps for a virus free workplace.

Paper Towel Dispensers vs Hand Dryers

Maintaining dry hands is important in reducing the spread of germs and bacteria (MFMER, 2019). To ensure your workplace has the equipment to dry hands properly and create a COVID-secure office environment, Washroom Hub has plenty of paper towel dispensers and hand dryers to choose from. If paper towel dispensers are best suited to your workplace, Interleaf Paper Towel Dispensers are recommended, as this style of dispenser produces separate, individual sheets, minimizing cross contamination. Alternatively, if you’re looking to include hand dryers for offices, Washroom Hub recommends the BioDrier Executive Blade Hand Dryer as this model of hand dryer filters air through a triple HEPA Grade 13 filter, removing airborne particles to ensure viruses aren’t spread in the office. If you’re still unsure which option is best for your workplace, visit our Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels blog which provides a helpful insight into the best hand drying options available for a wide range of work environments.

Create a COVID-secure workplace with our BioDrier Executive Blade Hand Dryer.

UV Air Sterilisation

To minimise the spread of viruses within the office, Washroom Hub recommends including an air purifying system such as the BioZone Air and Surface Steriliser. Once air enters the cleaning chamber within the BioZone Air and Surface Sterilizer, a UV light uses water and oxygen from the air to create reactive compounds which sterilise the air and surfaces within the room they are placed. The BioZone additionally destroys the Human Flu virus, H5N1, and Coronaviruses in 0.44 seconds (5.7 Log Reduction – Source: CNRS France). It should be noted however, that different models of the BioZone Air and Surface Steriliser are required based on the size of the room. The BioZone Mini PowerZone Portable Air & Surface Steriliser is best suited to larger rooms or offices, servicing an area that is 60 – 120 m3. However, if you work within a smaller space, or would like to create a more sterile environment in a particular area of the building which harbours more bacteria and germs (such as washrooms), then the BioZone UV, Ozone Air Steriliser may be the best option for you. This sanitising device is additionally available for 10, 20 or 30m3 spaces, so you have increased flexibility in choosing the right model for your space.

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All of these suggested pieces of sanitisation equipment can help to create a COVID-secure workplace environment and reduce illness within the workplace. However, if you are still unsure which items are best suited for your office environment or project, get in touch with the Washroom Hub Team on 0800 023 4937. For more tips on choosing hand dryers and other washroom products, make sure to visit our blog.


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